User onboarding on Zoom



Landing page

Zoom's landing page includes free sign up, helpful resources join a meeting and other options for the user.

Sign up

The user can select this option from the top bar.

Enter Email address

For signing up the user enters the date of birth and email,password.

Confirmation mail

Zoom has sent the confirmation link on the provided email address.


This will allow the user to enter details and password for using zoom.

Start a meeting

The user can start the meeting by clicking on the provided option at the homepage.

Meeting screen

It includes host details, user Id, password and more.

Participant request

This will notify the host that the other participant has joined the waiting room.

Invite or copy link

The host can invite other participants by copying link or can invite via email address.

End meeting

The user can end meeting for all or can leave by selecting the option.

User onboarding on Zoom