User onboarding on Duolingo


Get started

User initially is welcomed with the option to get started or continue if you already have an account. The page also features the animated mascot of duolingo in the centre.

I want to learn

Languages are listed with the country flag to select to learn.


While loading the next screen the user is presented with a loading animation of the duolingo mascot.


The Reason for learning the language is listed & can be selected.

Pick a goal

User can select a comfortable daily goal from the list & can continue with the process.

Choose a path

User can select the path of learning language as a beginner or a intermediate.


A assessment is done to assess the knowledge of the user about the language. The Questions are interactive Audio-Visual with the options in tiles, which can be selected to submit the answer.

Check the Answer

User can check the answer and user gets a response at the bottom


During the Assessment user is appreciated with a animation quoting the users performance.


At the end of the assessment user is presented with the achievements obtained, progress & streak in the form of animations and a option to continue.

Create Profile

After completion of assessment the user has the option to continue into the App with or without creating a profile in Duolingo.


User has the option to create profile using the Traditional method by filling up the form or continue with a social media platform or google for signup which are located at the bottom as two options.

Create Password

On filling up all the details user is asked to create a password to secure the account.


Successfull creation results in a screen welcoming user with a animation of mascot & the option to return to home.


After completing the onboarding procedure user is brought to the homescreen which has the option to learn lessons, discuss, shop, settings etc.

User onboarding on Duolingo