Join a Meeting on Zoom


Join a meeting

This option is available to the user at the top bar of the homepage.

Enter details

The attendee has to enter meeting id and password as received in the mail.


Meeting's homepage includes host screen, chat and other options.


The user can check the participants on clicking the option. A list of attendees will appear on the screen.


The host and members can chat with each other in the provided chat box.


It includes chat, meeting settings, minimize meeting, raise hand options. The attendee can raise hand in the meeting and the notification will appear at host's screen.

Meeting settings

It includes meeting topic, always show meeting control close captioning and other settings.

Share screen

An option of sharing screen is available to the user. The host can enable this option in the meeting.

Leave meeting

The attendee can leave the meeting by clicking the option present at the top of the screen.

Join a Meeting on Zoom