General browse on waze


Side List

From side list the user selects Guest wazer and get further options to register.

Location info

Location's information includes options like route, overview, share and more


It includes details of the routes.


The user selects the share option and that can be shared via different platforms. Here he/she chose text message as the platform.

Add a stop

In the created drive, the stop can be added.

Planned drives

All the drives which were created by the user earlier can be seen here.

Go wazer

It includes an option of making invisible as well as other options like inbox, my friends, account login and more.

Home & work address

The user can set home and work location for easy travel.

Teams badge

It provides the user to add badge that can be visible to others.

General settings

It includes language, auto lock, ads, app suggestion options.


It includes all the settings of the navigation. It also provides the user to change the navigation sign.

Audio player

This includes the audio player which the user is using while locating.


It includes all the notifications of the profile created on waze.

Privacy settings

It includes all privacy settings of the profile.


The user can contact waze help desk by mail or on the provided no.

Sleep mode

This mode allows maze to be inactive and can be done active by clicking on the option.

General browse on waze