General browse on Zapier



Landing page

Zapier's landing page includes log in, sign up, apps and more options.


The user can enter email address and password to log in or he/she can create account.


It includes dashboard, make a zap & other options.

Make a zap

On clicking this option the user will receive screen for creating a zap.


The user starts creating zap on Zapier.

Test trigger

It will allow the Zapier to test trigger on twitter. All the tested thread will be seen on the screen.

Test and continue

The user can test the created zap and continue sharing it.


The user can share the created zap on various platforms. He/she can copy link and can share.


One of the way to share zap is Facebook.

Add description

The user can add name and description for better understanding.


After entering details the user can save it.The created zap can be seen on Zaps.

Name your zap

The user can name the zap by entering the title.

Selected zaps

The user can select any created zap.


The user can delete the selected zap. a pop up appears for confirmation. He/she will not see the zap at zaps homepage.

My apps

It includes all the connected apps and will allow the user to add more apps.

Select an app

The user can select app from the provided option or can search.


The user will be taken to the desired app and he/she can login with the credential.

My apps homepage

The connected app will be seen here along with other apps. It can be tested by selecting the option. The result will appear on the screen after completing the test.

Upgrade option

On clicking upgrade option the user will receive plans and price list.


The user can select plans from the plans list.The user will enter billing info and can purchase the plan.

Task history

It includes task history and its details done on Zapier.


It includes resources, how it is done and more options for the user.


All the queries or help can be fixed here.


It includes all the zap and account notifications.


It includes user's profile details and settings.


This will allow the user to start free trial and create team.

Setup your team

This will allow the user to create team.He/she can select any payment method and can enter details then.

General browse on Zapier