General browse on Wix



Landing page

Wix's landing page allows the user to start creating and can sign up on wix.

Sign up

Enter all the details for creation of profile.


For tailored suggestion and help Wix asks the user few questions.


That will help the user to get customized website. The user has to answer few questions.

Blog's name

The user can enter his/her blog's name as per preference.

Pick Homepage design

Among the provided options the user can select any design.


The user can now create the website for himself with various options.

Replace images

The user is provided with suggestions from wix and other platform. He/she can upload images from the device also.


The user can preview the created design before publishing.


After previewing the design the user may now publish the website or can connect with domain.


On continuing the user will receive a congratulations popup for publishing.


It includes create new folder, create new site, and other options for the user.

Upgrade option

The created site by the user has upgrade option next to it.

Premium plan

It includes all the details of the plan.

Select and edit option

This option is available at the created site design at homepage.

Site actions

From site actions the user can select edit option to start editing.


The user then makes necessary changes in the created site design.

Replace image

The user then makes necessary changes in the created site design.


The user can select any layout for the content from the provided options .

Pictures layout

Pictures layout options are available to the user.


Before publishing the edited design the user can preview it.


It includes featured articles, help topics.

Hire a professional

The user can hire a professional that can help to create website. Few questions are to be answered to continue this process.

Contact the client

The professionals will contact the client on the provided email address or phone no.

Account settings

It includes all the settings and options of the account.

Domain name

The user can get a personal domain name for the created site. He/she can check for options.

General browse on Wix