General browse on TransferWise



The user can enter details and can register on TransferWise.

Compare price

TransferWise helps people to send money abroad. It will help to compare the prices between different countries.


The user can send money to themselves, somebody else or for business or charity.

Someone else

The user has to enter all the necessary details for making transfer.

Business or charity

For sending money to business or charity the user can enter bank details.


It includes activity, account, send, recipients and more options for the user.


The user can use TransferWise for personal use or for business.

Price comparisons

The user can change currencies and can compare prices that he/she wants to send. He/she can share the info to others.

All currencies

The user can change and check all the abroad currency's price for comparison.


The user can invite people on TransferWise by sharing invite link. He/she can do it on different platforms.

Text message

One of the way to invite people is text message.

General browse on TransferWise