General browse on Strava


Sign up or login

The user can login on Strava or can create account.


It includes feed, explore, record, and more options.


The user can post status, image or manual activity.

Create status

Texts are entered by the user on the provided column.


The user can publish the post and can be viewed on the feed


The user can share posts on different platforms. He/she can check more options.

Start my free trial

On clicking this option the user will receive plan list and can select and purchase.

Plans list

It includes monthly and yearly plans. On clicking complete purchase option the user will be connected to his/her icloud account for billing.


The user can invite others via various platforms.

Text message

One of the platform is text message.


It includes challenges, clubs, segments for the user.


The user can go through all the challenges that are occurring soon.

Join challenge

The user can participate by joining the challenge.


The user can share the joined challenge with others by inviting them on different platforms.


The user can add filters for more tailored suggestions.

All clubs

All the clubs near the location can be viewed.


The user can join more clubs for more updates and activities.


On clicking the option the user will receive location map and start option.

Choose a sport

The user can choose sport from available options.


The user can start the activity and can record it. He/she can do it with mobile phone or watch also.


The user can resume or finish their recordings.

Save activity

By enter activity name & details the user can save the activity and can be viewed in activities column.


It includes activities, posts, and other options.


The user can explore more by entering the title.


All the account notification will appear here.


The user can share the activity on different platforms. He/she can check more options.

Text message

One of the platform is text message that includes all the details & link of the activity


The user can connect with others by following them.

Add a comment

The user can add comments on other's posts.


The user can slide the comment and can receive delete option. On selecting this he/she will not see their comment on the post.

Explore routes

The premium account user can explore routes.


The user has to unlock trial version to start training.

General browse on Strava