General browse on Skype



Landing page

Skype's landing page includes options like sign in, create a free meeting, host a meeting and more.

Create free meeting

This provides the user an option for creating free video meeting.


This option generates the meeting link for the user.The link is created and can be shared or the user can start the call


The link is shared either by copying or connecting with Facebook account.

Sign in

The user can enter email address and password.


Homepage includes the column for creating conversation and many other options.

Online profile

The user can go to online profile for conversations or call.

Start a Conversation

On selecting the member, the user can create a conversation by entering the message in the provided bar.Other member's message will appear on the left side of the chat box.


The user can insert reactions in the conversation by selecting the option.


The user can connect with the invitee by receiving or creating a call on Skype.


The user will receive text message on the call screen as well as in the chat box.

Create Poll

The user can create poll for the participant in the chat by selecting the option.

Share screen

Skype provides an option to share screen with the participants for better understanding.

Add people

In a meeting the user can add more participants by sending invitation.

New chat

The user will find an option on the homepage to start conversation with the selected person.

Use dialpad

For a voice call the user can select dialpad from the provided option.For calling the user can start the free trial.The user can buy credits to make voice call and in that the he/she will get a free trial for a month.


The user can enter billing details for upgrading the plan on Skype.

Add to favorites

The user can add conversation to favorites from the list of options.


The user can select a chat that he/she wants to delete from the recent chats column.On selecting the delete option the user will receive a action popup.

Get Skype Number

The user can get second Skype no. by selecting the country and region. He/she then can bill for the no.


It includes account, profile, general,appearance and other settings for the user.


It includes caller Id, Skype number, Skype to Go and call forwarding features.

General browse on Skype