General browse on Notion



Landing page

Notion's landing page includes sign up, login and more options for the user.

Sign up

Email address is entered by the user in the provided box.

Google account verification

On entering the email address the user connects their google account and verify to use Notion


For better experience notions allows the user to select purpose and members . Notion's homepage includes getting started instructions, other options for the user.

New page

The option allows the user to create page on Notion.

Enter text

The user can enter text in the template or page style selected by him/her.

Add icon

For easy search the user can add icon for the created page. He/she can picks from the available emoji.The user add comments for themselves or other team members by mentioning them.

Page style

The user can pick empty page or suggested page templates.The user can add basic blocks such as headings, image, bullets and more in creating the page.

Add image

The user can add image in the page from device's gallery.


The user can share the created page with others by creating link and sharing it on different platforms.

Export option

On clicking export option the user can select format and can include subpages.The user will receive exported file on the device.


Exported file can be viewed by the user.

Quick find

This option helps the user to search and quickly jump to a page.

Enter name

The page's title is entered by the user in the provided area.From the searched title a page is viewed by the user.


The user can import page by selecting the option. A list of format appears for the user to select.The user selects the format and can upload the page on Notion.


The user can bookmark the imported page by selecting the option.The user can share the created page with others by creating link and sharing it on different platforms.


The user selects delete from the list of options.A popup appears for confirming the action.

Upload profile picture

The user can upload profile picture from device's gallery.


All the necessary changes are made by the user.After editing the profile the user can now update the changes which will appear later on the profile


On selecting upgrade option the user has to enter payment details for the plan selected.

Set up domain

On setting up domain other members can easily find the user's workplace on Notion.


Various templates options are provided to the user so that he can use them and can create page.


All the discarded pages will appear here for the user.

General browse on Notion