General browse on LinkedIn

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Landing page

LinkedIn's landing page includes join now, sign in and more options.

Sign in

The user can enter email address and other details.


It includes profile options, create posts and many more options.

Start a post

On clicking this option the user can start creating post.All the texts are entered by the user.

Created post

The created post will appear on homepage.


The user can share post on the wall or can send to connections.


Hashtags will help the user's post to engage with more audience. He/she can select more options from list provided.


The user can share the post as a direct message.


The user can explore plans for upgrading.

Selected plan

From list of plans the user can select plan that he/she wants to upgrade.

Start my free month

On selecting the plan the user will receive plan details and billing info. The user can enter payment info in the provided column for the purchase.

Grow your network

To connect with more people on LinkedIn the user can send invitation requests.


The user can follow pages, users, and more on LinkedIn. For joining groups the user can send join requests.The user can connect other users by following them or can send request.


The user can discover various groups created by the user.

Request to join

The user can request the group to join for more updates and details.

Create group

The user can create group selecting the create option.


The user can start entering required details.


Created group can be viewed by the user.


Created group can be shared on different platforms or the link can be copied.


The user can enter the desired job and other details for searching job.


The user can apply filters for more tailored suggestions.

Easy apply

The user can apply for the job by uploading resume and details. It is a quick way to apply on the job openings.

Upload resume

The user can upload resume from the device.


The user will receive a popup for confirming the action on LinkedIn.

Search bar

The user can search for more topics/user for reading.


The user can read articles from the source link.


The user can bookmark the posts that he/she likes.


While scrolling the user can follow different people for more updates.


People can put reactions on the created posts such as celebrate, support and more.

Add a comment

The user can add comments on posts created by others.

Read more posts

The user can read more posts such as today's news & views too.

Create an event

The user can enter details to create event on LinkedIn.


The user will enter title, descriptions and more details so that the user can understand easily.


The user can share the created event with others either on message or posting at the wall. Only premium members can send it as a message.

Create a poll

The user can select this option for creating poll on LinkedIn.

Enter details

The user can enter question and options for the people.

Add more option

The user can add more options if he/she wants to add more than 2 options.


The user can share the created poll on various platforms.


The user will receive message updates and chats in this column.


For any query the user can connect with help team.


It includes all the account and privacy settings.

Create an article

The user can create an article and can publish ob linkedIn.

Upload image

The user can add image in the article from user's device.


The user can enter texts in the article.


The article is published at the wall with a confirmation popup.

General browse on LinkedIn