General browse on Linear



Landing page

Linear's landing page includes signup, login and more options for the user.

Sign in

The user can sign up on linear by connecting with google account or email.

Enter code

The user can enter verification code on the provided box.

Get started

The user can start using linear by confirming some of the settings suggested.


The user can invite members by providing their email address on Linear.


It includes active issue, workspace and more options for the user.

Create a new issue

The user can create new issue for the team's project.


The user enters the details of the issue in the provided box.All the necessary details such as status, target, tags & more are entered by the user.

Add Label

The user can select label from suggestions or can create new label.


The user can add reaction or emoji on the comment posted by a teammate.

Post a comment

The user will enter comment by tagging the teammate.The comment can be seen on the issue.


All the created project and an option create will appear here.


The user enters the details for creating the project. Some of the info are optional.

Copy link

The user can copy link and can share with others.

Manage project teams

It will allow the user to manage project teams. If he/she selects the same team a popup appears informing that he/she has to remove the existing team.

Upgrade option

The user will receive plans list on selecting the option.


It will allow the user to enter billing details for upgrading.


This will allow the user to export data present on Linear.The data will be exported in CSV format. A popup appears that informs the user to check mail for completing the action.

Create or join workspace

The user can find the option on clicking on existing workspace.

Enter details

The user enter details for creating workspace.


For any support or help the user can connect with Linear team.

Delete team

The user can delete team by entering the confirmation text on the provide box.

Delete workspace

A popup box appears on the screen with the details for the user.A verification code is sent to the user's email address. On entering and confirming the code the workspace is delete and the account will be logged out.

General browse on Linear