General browse on InVision


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Enter work email address & password.


InVision homepage includes prototypes, boards, freehands and other options.

Selected file

The user opens the selected file that has been created already.

Begin user test

On clicking this option the user can test the created file.


The user can share the prototype on different platforms.

Text message

One of the way to share prototype is text message.


The user can refresh the created prototype by selecting the option.


The user can view created board and its details in this column.


The user can view created freehands can create new freehands by adding image, notes, texts, shapes and more options .


Created freehand can be shared on different platforms by the user.


The user can view comment on the prototype and can create comment for other teammate.


It includes switch account, help & support, report and other options.


For any query or help the user can connect with InVision team

Remove from device

The user can remove prototype from the device from the list of provided options.

Download to device

The user can download removed prototype on the device by selecting the option.

Search bar

The user can search for the created prototype by entering the name on the search bar.


The searched prototype or board will appear on the screen.

General browse on InVision