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Landing page

Front's landing page includes log in, request demo, try for free and other options for the user.

Sign in

The user can enter email address and password to sign in Front.


It includes inbox, profile settings& options, more setup process and more.

Invite teammates

The user will enter teammates email addresses.

Team role

The user can select team role for the invitees.Confirmation of action appears on the screen.

Add Gmail

The user can connect their gmail account and Microsoft.


A verification code has been sent to complete the verification process.


The user can customize their inbox. After this importing of mail starts.

Selected Message

The user can select any message from inbox.

Post a comment

The user can post the comment.


If the teammate is not in the thread the admin can share the message.The post comment can be seen on the mail.


The user can assign selected mail to other teammate or can invite. The user will select teammate and he/she will be added.


On selecting the option the select email is deleted and cannot be seen in the inbox.

New message

The user can create new message for anybody.

Share Draft

The user enters the text of the mail.On selecting the option the user can invite teammate to share the created mail. The draft email can be viewed in inbox and to the team member.


It includes send, send later, send & snooze and more.

Select time

The user can select time from the list of options. A popup bar will appear on the mail.


In includes all the tags, option to create tag, link and more.


The user creates the tag by entering title and other details.

Created tag

On selecting members, New tag can be pinned to teammates workspace. The new tag is now created and cab be seen on the mail.

New discussion

A box appears for the user to create new discussion.The user starts creating discussion after selecting teammate.


The user can see other teammate reply in the discussion.


The user can select billing from company settings.


The user can get the details of the plans list.

Try it for free

The user can try the plan by entering the details for demo.

Add a team rule

The user can add team rule for the teammates.


The user can enter details to create.


He/she can add when the rule can be applied for the teammates.

Add team inbox

For adding team rule the user has to add team inbox for competition of action.


The user can add team inbox by entering title and other details.

Add rule

On creating the rule the new rule is added.

What's new

The user can check what new has been added in Front.


For any query or help the user can connect with Front team.


It includes company as well as private calendar.


It includes company's team report, help and more.


It includes all the contacts of user and company's contact list.

Side List

It includes get started, calendar, scheduling, shortcuts history for the user.

General browse on Front