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Landing page

Canny's landing page provides an option to log in, sign up and explore features.

Sign up

The user can create account or can sign up with google account.


After connecting with google account the user will enter company details to create account.

Create board

The user can create board for the company page.

Company settings

The user can customize company settings by uploading logo and details.

Create post

After creating board the user will be allowed to create post for the board. He/she will enter the post details on the provided column.

Add voter

The user can add voters by selecting the option.The user can add voter's name and email address.

Add more voter

More voters are added by the user. The added voters are now seen in voters category.


The user can change status of the post. He/she can add comments. It can be optional. The changed status can be seen in activity.

Add comments

The user can add comment for their teammates by tagging them.


On submitting comment the user can see it in the activity.

Public view

The created post can be seen by the user as per public view.

Create post form

The user can customize post form by entering details and can preview.

Enter detail

The user can enter details for the post.The created post form is now saved and can be seen in board.

Import data

The user can click on import data and will receive upload option.

Imported data

The user selects data from device and is imported then.


The upload data is now imported and will receive notification for the same.The imported data can be viewed in the post.

Export data

The user can click on export data and will receive export option.The data is now exporting in user's device.

Exported data

The user can view exported data by opening it on the device.

Send invites

The user can invite teammates to canny by selecting this option.

Enter details

Enter all team mates email address.

Send invites

The user will click on send invites option and others will receive invitation.

Subscribe now

The user will find this option at the top of the homepage.He/she can view all the plans list available on Canny.


Subscribe The user will subscribe to the plan and will receive payment popup. After entering details he/she can subscribe to the plan.

Selected post

From the board the user can select any post that he wants to delete.


A popup appears on selecting delete option. A confirmation popup appears at the bottom of the screen for the user.

Boards Settings

It includes all the created board settings for the user.


On selecting delete board the user will write the board name at the provided column and the board will be deleted after confirmation.


All the people that has voted will appear here.

Create new entry

It is used to create product's public announcement.


The user starts creating the entry and can be viewed on road maps.

Copy link

The user can share the entry by copying link or on different platform such as Facebook.

Latest updates

All the latest updates will be available here for the user.


It includes setup, feedback widget, changelog widget and more options.


The user can connect Canny team for any query or help.

General browse on Canny