General browse on Bear Notes

Side List

This includes types of notes, trash, article & settings

General settings

This setting includes markdown mode, notes list & tag lists sorting, device,text expander and API token with sub options.


This includes typography, autocomplete, folding & thumbnails setting. In typography, the user can change font, size, line height and paragraph spacing or can reset the default settings

Import and export

This includes import and import form, export and backup settings. The user can import images from icloud as well as the gallery of the device.

Web content options

This setting consist of import web images & append web page link to note options. HashTags can be created in the provided column

Adding hashtags

Hashtags are created to easily find the important notes


This setting comes under PRO category. The user can upgrade their version for more privacy while clicking on the learn about bear pro and upgrade option.


The user can select theme as per their preference. The pro version will provides 6 more themes for the user.

Icon of the app

The user can select the custom icons for tags as well as the app icon matches theme as he/she selects it.


The user can enable or disable syncing the files with the device. There is also a an option where he/she can contact the helpdesk.

Ratings & advanced

The user can give the feedback or ratings of the app via different platforms. Advanced setting includes file log, application data, password privacy & spotlight

Notes homepage & opens created note

The screen includes all the created notes. A note that was already created can be seen on the screen.


This includes pin note, move to trash, duplicate note and more actions for the user.


The note can be exported as various format. The pro version provides 6 more format of the notes.

Pinning note

An important note can be pinned at the top while clicking on actions and then pin note option.


The note'information includes device on which it is created & modified, date, time, characters, paragraph and more.

Other notes

The user can open Other created notes while clicking on it that includes to do list or tagged note.

New note shortcut keys

The user can find the shortcut keys to create note on their keyboard.

Pinned note

The pinned note will be at the top with a symbol of pin at the right bottom of the note

Checking created hashtags

The user can check the created hashtags.

General browse on Bear Notes