General browse on Asana


Landing page

Asana's landing page includes sign up and log in option for the user.

Enter email address

Asana allows the user to enter work email address or personal email to sign up.


To verify the given the data a verification link is sent to the user.

Complete details

On verification the user can edit more details on the web browser or can do it in the app.The user starts entering the details in the given box

Add teammates

The user can add team members on Asana by providing the member's email address.


Homepage includes all, recent, favorites projects and more options for the user.


It includes user's account details and setting options.

Edit profile

The edit option is present in the user's profile where the user can edit the profile. He/she can add about me, role, department and more details.

Upload profile picture

The user can upload profile picture from the device's gallery or can click images.More details are entered by the user in the provided column.


After entering the details the user can save the changes and it can be viewed in the user's profile.


Asana provides the user with an invite option where the user can invite people from different platforms.

Enter email address

The user can enter teammates email address in the provided box!A popup appears at the top on completing the action.

Create new project

This option allows the user to create new project on Asana. The user can enter project's name, and can select layout, privacy

Project's homepage

The homepage includes an option to create lists, cards and other details of the project.


The user starts creating the project's details.


Card can be found under created list. It includes details such as assignee,due date, description and more.After assigning the member the user can add due date for the project from the prompted calendar.

Add comments

The user can post comments on the project to other team members by mentioning.The comment for the teammate is entered by the user in the provided box.

Add tag

The user can select this option from list of options. He/she can add tags by creating a new tag or selecting the existing tag.


The user can share the project on different platforms . Text message is one of the platform.An option is provided to copy the link and share to the user.

Delete task

The user can delete tasks from the projects by selecting delete option from the list. A popup appears on completing the action.

Search option

The user can search for any details by entering the name in the search bar provided on Asana.


The user can enter project, list, card or company's name in the search bar. He/she is prompted with results on searching.

Selected card

The user can viewed the selected card that includes all the details.The user can edit the created card by entering more details for other teammates.


The user can bookmark by selecting the starred option available in the options list. All the bookmarked projects can be viewed in favorites category.


The user can go to a list of available options by sliding the screen upwards.


The user gets an option to delete project permanently. A popup appears for completing the action.The deleted project will not be available on the homepage under all projects.

Create a task

This option allows the user to create task by entering name, assignee and due date.After creating the task a popup appears on the screen on completing the action.

Add more details

The user can add more details such as attaching pictures, links,and more.

Add comments

The user can post comment for other teammate by posting it on the task.The user can select this option from list of options. He/she can add tags by creating a new tag or selecting the existing tag.


It includes all notifications, assigned, mentioned , archive and more options for the user.

View archive

All the archive projects will appear here.

General browse on Asana