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Landing page

Airtable's landing page includes options such as get started, product, blocks, templates, pricing, sign up and more.

log in

The user can create an account and signup on airtable or can sign in if already have an account.


It includes first workspace and many more options for the user.

Add a workspace option

The user can create a new workspace by clicking the provided option in the free plan. He/she can change the title.

Create a base

The user can enter the title and icon for the creating a base in the workspace.

Enter details

All the necessary details of the record are added.

Upload file

The user can attach files such as images from the device or from other platforms.

Add column

For entering more details the user can add column and its title.


The created record can be shared with others either by inviting or sharing invite link.

Download CSV

The created record can be CSV downloaded for the user. After downloading the user can open the file.

Selecting a workspace

The user can select any workspace from the available options.


If the records are completed the user can delete record from the calendar.

Create a record

The user can create a base that he/she wants in the calendar.

Attach image

The user can add images related to the project from the device.

Created record

The create base in the social media calendar can be seen on airtable.


If the records are completed the user can delete record from the calendar.


On selecting the base the user can start editing the record.

Attach file

The user can attach more files in the created record from the device.

Add comment

The user can add comments for team members related to the editing activity.

Upgrade option

This will allow the user to upgrade to a premium plan to use airtable.

Plans list

A list of plans and details appears on the screen for the user.

Selected plan

This will take the user to billing of the plan. He/she can enter the details and confirms payment.


On selecting delete option the user can delete the created workspace. A popup appears for confirmation.


It includes topics from all over the world.


It includes account settings and details.

General browse on Airtable