Creating a website on Wordpress




It includes streams, readers site, write and more options.


On clicking on my site Wordpress allows the user to create site.


For domain the user can add own domain name or can select from suggestions.


It includes get started, stats, manage, profile details and more.

Name your site

On selecting get started option the user has to enter site's name to continue on Wordpress.

Edit homepage

The user can skip menu setting and select edit homepage that will take the user to site screen.

Add icons

For site's homepage the user can add icons, new, text and other options.

Add image

The user can upload image from the device's gallery.

Launch site

After creating it the user can launch site. Domain name and plans list popup appears on the screen.


Homepage now receives a popup of launched site.

Drive traffic

The user can connect other platforms to drive traffic to the created site.

Creating a website on Wordpress