Creating a meeting on Skype


Meet now

The user can create a meeting by clicking the meet now option.


The meeting is created. The user can add any contact from the friend's list on Skype or can invite.

Start meeting

It includes meeting screen, share, and other options.

Chat message

Other user can send text message which will be displayed on screen of the user and in the chat box.

Chat box

The user can revert to other participant by sending the text. He/she can insert emoji in the conversation.


The user can add reactions to the participant's message in the chat.


It includes allow incoming video, turn subtitles on , add people and more options.


The user can invite other people by sharing the link on different platforms.

Text message

Text message is one of the platform.

Call end

The user will receive notification of call end in the chat box with the time taken.

New moderated chat

The user can create group by adding contacts and can write text.

Search bar

The user can search contact for calling people on Skype.

Creating a meeting on Skype