Creating a landing page on Product Hunt




Ship includes option for creating landing page,surveys, Free AWS and stripe credits options.

Create landing page

The user clicks on this option for creating landing page for their product.

Set your goal

The user is asked about the goals for creating this. They are provided with 3 options.

Pick up your design

Product hunt allows the user to select design for their landing page.

Project details.

User then enters all the project details .

Select plans

For more features product hunt provides the user with different plans.


The user can edit their landing page with the provided options.


This includes the content which the user wants to have in her/his landing page.


This allows the user to add logo or background image as per their choices to make it look more presentable and creative.


It includes all the necessary settings of the created page.


The user can add subscribers for their product. In basic plan the user is allowed to add 1 subscriber.

Creating a landing page on Product Hunt