Creating a Channel on Telegram

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User can view the the all chats & folders in the home. User can navigate or search various options using the hamburger menu and search option on the top respectively. The Pen Icon on the bottom allows the user to start New Chat, Secret Chat, Channel, Group etc.

App (Hamburger) Menu

User Can view the profile, options to start New Chat, Secret Chat, Channel, Group, view contacts, calls & manage settings.

New Channel

User is instructed to provide a name for the channel, description & a profile picture.

Channel Settings

User can change the channel type & create a permanent invite link using the available options.

Add Subscribers

User can search & add subscribers from the contact list.

Channel Conversation

User can view conversation screen of the channel with the option to send messages & various medias, at the bottom. The Channel Name and the Subcribers count is mentioned on the top panel.

View Channel Info

User can View & Manage the Channel Information here such as Channel Name, Type, Subscribers, Admins, Notifications etc.

Creating a Channel on Telegram