Creating Music Video on helo



The Home has two categories popular tab with featured topics & popular videos which can watched by swiping down. User can follow the creator, play video, download the video, share to various platform

Select Content

User gets the option to select the content video,poll, text, photo, MV etc from the gallery or camera.

Select Photo

User can select the photo from the gallery or any other source and select "Done" when complete.

Edit the Post

User has the options at the bottom to edit the Music Video Post such as add music, text, sticker, filters.

Add Music

User can scroll horizontally in the bottom panel to select the music to add.

Add Filters

User can add various filters from the bottom panel to the post.

Add Stickers

User can add stickers to music video post from the bottom panel.

Add Text

User can add various styles of text to the music video post.

Edit the Post

User can edit the post by adding more content, add hashtags, location, tag friends, save to album etc.

Add Hashtag

User can search & add hastag to the post.

Change Post Permissions

User can change the post permissions to public, friends & only me.

Creating Music Video on helo