Apply for a job on Product Hunt



Jobs list

When the user clicks on all jobs option, the list of jobs comes on the screen.


For an easy job search the user then applies filters such as category & location.


On applying filters, the user then receives all the jobs that are open for hiring.

Apply now

The user selects the job and clicks on apply.

Create profile

To go through the job post the user is asked to create profile first.

Job preference

All the related things that the user would like to have in a job he/she may enters the same from the provided options.

Find your culture fit

This includes all details of the job such as market that he/she wants to work and many more.

Upload Cv

For better job openings Product hunt app will allow the user to upload Cv so that hiring company can easily contact.

Job Popup

Once the profile is created the user will get a job popup that he/she wanted to apply with relocating place option.


After providing the details the user now gets a complete profile for applying for a job.

Apply for a job

On clicking on the job post the user will enter all the details as per the requirements.


On applying the job the user will get a applied tab on the job post.

Apply for a job on Product Hunt